Nail Your Job Interview on Zoom

I have been doing a lot of interviews of late, and I gained some small bits of wisdom. Have a read and let me know what you think!

So I have been on the interview journey for the past month or so and I found that I have become confident and more efficient in showing off my skills on my interviews as time went on. We are all awkward when it comes to interviews, as it is a skill in on itself that needs the practice of trials and errors. Often you’ll feel you haven’t done enough, or that you’ve done too much. Interviews are kind of like a first date. You don’t know what to expect, but you do want to impress. Let me give you some tricks and tips I picked up along the way on how to nail your job interview on Zoom!

Dress to Impress ​👗​​👔​

Just because you are not meeting in person, you should still definitely make sure that at least the headshot that is visible on your screen is presentable. Wear a nice shirt or one of your best tops with a suit jacket. Dressing up for the occasion shows interest and professionalism; and most importantly, it will signal to your own lovely self that the meeting is important, so it will help you with putting you in the right mindset.

I always put some light make-up on as well, just for my own peace of mind and it’s kind of part of my process of getting ready, but that should never be a requirement in my opinion. As long as you’re cool with how you look, it will get you ready.

Notes. Notes. Notes! ​📚​

Before the interview even starts, you should be thinking about what you’re about to say. One of the best ways to do that is to take notes.

I can’t tell you how many pages I’ve filled up with notes for interviews in my Bullet Journal, at some point it became a habit. A good one to have because these notes won’t only help you with your current interview but also with the future ones and in effect, it will be the best aid to nail your job interview. Practice makes perfect after all, and interviews are a job in itself, which means you need to give yourself the best fighting chance.

As a plus, it will also be some fun material to look back on, if you are a Bujo person like me.

Build Rapport 💬

When it comes to interviews, no matter at what stage you are, building rapport with the interviewer is very important. You must try and make sure to have a good opening that will make the person on the other end of your Zoom call warm up to you.

In order to do so, you should:

  • Chat about your day for a bit.
  • Mention your interests, they may be into that too.
  • Ask how their day went. A question is good as people love talking about themselves!

Bonus: At one of my interviews I mentioned that I was knitting the morning before my interview and it made my interviewer laugh. Don’t have to be gashing about your hobbies, but it does show off your flares and will certainly break the ice! Never forget, everyone’s only human, which brings me to my next point.

BET on yourself ​💃​😉​🕺​

You’ll only be intimidated and anxious about your interview if you think that the person opposite to you has more knowledge, is higher in rank or will not want you because surely, why on earth would they hire you?

I mean, yes, they may be all those things BUT I’m here to encourage you to BET ON YOU.

The person who interviews you might have more to offer, but they’re trying to fill a void, a skillset or expertise they have most probably not that much of a clue about. Or they have some clue but they want to pass on the task to someone more capable, like yourself.

The very reason you’re being interviewed is that they think that you may have those things they need, which is your value and that is a lot to bring to the table. (Even if you’ve no belief in yourself – impostor syndrome, why art thou so cruel?!)

Repeat. BET. ON. YOU.

You have what they need. You’ve much to offer. Go for it because you can. And don’t listen to the voices. ​🤫​

So heads up, shoulders straight and have fun. No one knows that you’re the one they need to fill in the void they had at their company. And no one can nail your job interview better than you! Hopefully, as I add myself all too often.

Hope you liked this article, and if you’d like to know more about something similar, do send me a message, and I’ll do the research.

Until next time, follow your curiosity!