Have a look at my past and current knitting and crochet projects

Knitting and Crochet projects

Two of my favourite hobbies…

Around 2017, I was properly introduced and subsequently taught the art of knitting by my mother-in-law, which led to a hobby that has now consumed countless hours of mine, and have made me an enthusiast for all things knitted.

At this point, the shop-bought knitted goods would just not do, and so now I’m determined in making my own knitwear.

Since March 2020, especially, I have been busy trying out new things that would help kill time and actually help my mental health along the way.

Thus I determined that I should Crochet too, so it was picked up swiftly, and it even helped me in knitting, so now I am able to knit in both English style and Continental style.

Have a look at some of the clothing and other items I’ve done so far, there will be regular updates for those interested.

I can share some of the patterns with you if you’re interested. Fill out the form and leave me a message HERE, to see if I can send it to you.

Happy knitting and crochet until then! ❤️ 🧶



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