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Time Unkind

Photo by Eugene Shelestov on

Is it time? Do you note it?
It flows, it swallows, it's forgotten, it's prude,
Woven from corpses through centuries' hue.

Time unabiding? Can you write it?
The words t-t-tipping in and out of the mouth
Grinding the bones and flesh - what do we go on about?

Tyrannical time, weary of noises
Wretched gargoyle loses its spoils,
The stares it has been given over the foils.

Linger yet time-loop, better yet: MOVE!
No cure comes to those that have nothing to lose,
Humanity's trial is in the pudding to prove.

Self-absorbed time -can't you feel it yet?
We're losing the battle We know We never had.
Rotten to the core, mirroring, made its own bed.
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