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7 best Free Digital Marketing Certs You Should Consider Doing

7 Best Free Digital Marketing Certs You Should Do Canva art by WOAT

7 Best Free Digital Marketing Certs You Should Do Canva art by WOAT


When it comes to your Digital Marketing education, it is always important to find the right place to learn the basics (these definitely would be something to invest in), then add to that knowledge through practice and reading. If you fall out of the rhythm though, there is definitely ways to remind yourself of some things and, along the way, to update your knowledge.

These are all to support or explain some things that you may not understand, but at the end of the day, digital marketing is a practical subject. If you don’t do it, you don’t know it.

So get reading, do some of the courses and then dive in and be brave to learn on the job way more than what you can from any other place (and check out some of the links below so you can sign up for the best resources!👇 )

Here is all the links to the different learning platforms. Have fun!

As an added, here are two paying courses to do in Ireland (if you want to invest to get more grasp on the topics):

Irish Times Training:


LEO Digital Marketing Course:

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