What is it like to get the Covid-19 Vaccine - Canva Art by Curiosity Corner Dublin

What Is It Like To Get The Covid-19 Vaccine? (Updated!)

This is a compilation of the Covid-19 Vaccine. Read on to find out how I did with it. To be updated soon!

Curiosity Corner Dublin's Canva Art

Sleepless in Dublin

Rotating emotions rolling on a wagon
Should I make this world into a full blown dragon?
Darkness comes with inspiration
Sleepless frustration.

It's the light I'm forcing to have
Rather that I'm forcing the shed
To bend unnaturally.
Ricocheting sleep tactfully.

Have we ever had a straight wall?
Have we imagined in vertigo fall?
Silverfish crawls the unseen spaces,
Sleep braces.

Perhaps those books that I should breathe in
Help will come from unknown places
Conjuring cats to calm the faces
Sleep lets me rest.

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